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WELCOME to New Mexico's #1 Small Town Radio

Welcome to Santa Rosa, NM Radio 95.9 FM "The Lion" website. 

  Radio 95.9 FM operates with 50,000 watts of power, covering Eastern New Mexico. Along with four other radio stations in Albuquerque and Grants, Radio 95.9FM covers a 277 mile stretch across New Mexico, bringing you up-to-date weather, national and international news and sports and a variety of music that caters to every discriminating audience.


  In addition, Radio 95.9 "The Lion" has a daily show, local news and on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, dedicates the 10 o'clock hour to a "Talk of the Town" program.

Feel free to call us when traveling through our fine City with your favorite dedications. Browse our website and meet our staff, who makes all this programming possible and is dedicated to bringing you "more of what you listen to radio for."


   We appreciate your comments. 

There is no greater "loudspeaker" than radio.

Spend your Advertising dollars where you get the most results,

call us today!

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