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      It began nearly 25 years ago when, with his calling in life as an advocate for public service to his community, the late Michael Esquibel and his wife Christina, in an effort to return KSSR 1340 AM back to the air, took a gamble and purchased the then defunct radio station. An effort which received recognition from the then Congressman Steven Schiff, praising the young couple for providing an invaluable service to Santa Rosa and the entire community. This was September 22, 1989.

      The dreams for enhancement to the Station were suspended when Michael died tragically and suddenly of heart failure in December 2000. With the grief of lost dreams and mounting expenses, it was a struggle to keep the business going, and so, it was at this time, that Christina, with a strong will and determination to save the dream, along with her two young sons and the support of her two young daughters went into high gear and put their whole being into continuing the business.


      KSSR 1340 AM was operating with 1000 watts of power, which at its very best was minimal, however, with the determination and willingness (still their strongest attribute) to continue serving the community in the best way that they could, they purchased an FM Station/Translator/Booster and continued on the air and went on 24 hours.

     The Fall of 2014 marks a 25 year milestone, honoring the Station's history, a father's dream, and a mother's strong will. Still going strong, and operating with 50,000 watts, "KSSR 95.9 FM" begins to prep the next generation (3rd) for operating and maintaining "The Lion". We continue to make it our priority to give you, the listeners, our very best in broadcasting and welcome any comments that you feel would make our station better for everyone.


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